Tracy BookTracy Craven, author of 10 books including Alone Yet Not Alone and the Kathleen McKenzie series, is a native Texan who loves everyday life with her family on their urban farm. She has many interests including outdoor sports, farming, ranching and spending time with her family and close friends. She loves to travel, experience new cultures and explore their history.

Writing children’s historical fiction combines her love of writing and discovering true stories from the past. Tracy’s goal is to make history come alive for her readers. Travels, both domestic and international, have played an inspirational part in her writing by taking in the scenery and learning to appreciate the different cultures. It has given her the chance to get to know a variety of people from different backgrounds. Many of the stories in her books are inspired by these travels and the individuals that shaped our world. Tracy’s hope is to cultivate a similar love for learning in her readers.

Lake and BarnHer urban hobby farm is a daily source of inspiration and a true grounding element, forcing her to stop the mad rush of life and take time to enjoy God’s creation with her four children. They spend many happy moments digging in their organic heirloom vegetable garden, gathering fresh eggs and feeding the livestock. Favorite among their farm animals are a handful of happy chickens that have names and come when you call. Her dairy goats, with their long floppy ears, are a close second. Trying to create an English garden feel at her home in Texas with antique roses and other hearty native plants is both a challenge and a source of inspiration to her. Of all her travels, the quiet English countryside is top on her list.

When not enjoying nature at home, Tracy and her husband, David, enjoy traveling with their kids. They have visited several of our national parks and nature sites. Tracy enjoys painting and has been known to carry a portable watercolor kit on these trips to capture the scenery on paper.